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In 2020, fashion was used as an outlet to express our creativity as a break from the repetitive routine enforced by strict social distancing and lockdown regulations. A fashion trend that stood out amongst the rest were bold prints. We saw a huge revival of bold patterns and prints reminiscent of the 70s and 80s. Like most trends, fashion trends come and go quickly. One moment they're a hit, the next moment they're a miss. However, when it comes to bold prints, there is one trend that seems to come back year after year. It's often worn to add a wild and sultry touch to any dull look. Can you guess what it is?

The answer is leopard prints. This striking print dominated the runway of several designers like Balenciaga and Saint Laurent. From masculine silhouettes to bold dresses, each designer showcased their creative and unique take on the timeless leopard print. We saw them on the runway and now they're back in trend for 2021. Sick of monochrome basics? Show off your wild edge in the Summer heat with leopard prints. Learn how to style this striking pattern without going overboard. Leopard prints are more wearable than you think. Here is our take on leopard prints that you can go wild for. This is your sign to spice up your Summer wardrobe with bold leopard prints.

1. Go BOLD or go home

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As suggested in the title, go all out in leopard with a simple leopard print dress. Summer calls for light and flowy dresses that are cute and practical at the same time. Add a playful twist with an adorable mini smocked dress with a leopard print all over. This unique play on the traditional leopard print, which is widely known as chic and edgy, can soften the strong print, creating a soft edge. The Serenity Leopard Smocked Dress features puff sleeves, a flowy skirt and an elasticated bodice that creates a trendy silhouette with added comfort. Tie the entire look together with simple black heels and gold jewellery to match the warm tone of the leopard print design.

2. Monochrome Basics

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If the bold leopard print is too overwhelming for your personal style, add a subtle edge by pairing it with a monochrome basic. Match the colour hue of the leopard print by matching it with a similar single tone basic. This can tone down the harshness of the print while creating a harmonious and balanced look overall. One way to achieve this look is by matching a simple leopard print blouse with a pair of smart-casual pants. The Serenity Leopard V neck Blouse is a light and sheer top in an oversized fit. A pair of fitted monochrome pants, like the Muse Slax Pants, can create a smart and dressy look that can instantly take you from the office to a dinner party.

Another simple way to match monochrome basics with leopard is by matching a flowy leopard skirt with a simple tank top. The Serenity Leopard Skirt features a unique ruffled unbalanced cut with an elasticated waistband that cinches in the waist comfortably. This light skirt is the perfect match with any simple tank top, like the Harmon Linen Sleeveless Top which is a must-have for Summer. The flowy leopard skirt combined with a light linen top will keep you chic and cool during the hotter seasons.

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