The BEST sheet masks for winter

The weather's getting colder so our skin needs attention more than ever. It can be really easy to get stuck in the same tedious skincare routine. Are you getting bored of doing the same routine every night? Break out of your daily skincare routine with face sheet masks.

This skincare phenomenon first started trending in South Korea. Widely admired for their transparent glass-like skin, Korea has become a hub for innovative and effective skincare products. Over the years, there has been a surge in popularity of face sheet masks all over Asia as well as the Western beauty industry. Face sheet masks are fast, convenient and easy to use. Each sheet mask is concentrated with nutrients that hydrate and nourish your skin in a short period of time. These thin sheets adhere to your face and act as a barrier that penetrates all the beneficial nutrients deep into the skin. Whether you're having a self-care day at home or pampering your skin before a special event, face sheet masks are perfect for giving your skin an instant boost. Their compact size also makes it perfect for nourishing tired, jet-lagged skin while you're travelling.

We have brought five unique face sheet masks from Korea. Unlike regular sheets made of cotton that tend to be stiff and drying, these five sheet masks have been crafted with upgraded designs. Say goodbye to the outdated cotton masks and indulge yourself in new innovative designs. These are the future of face sheet masks.


1. La Muse

The La Muse sheet masks use a special Bio-Cellulose sheet which is made from fermented coconut water extract. This is not only super soft on the skin, it adheres very closely to the skin and absorbs the nutrients deeper into the skin. It can also maintain hydration for up to 10 times more than a normal sheet mask!

The Skin Repair Signature Mask is great for nourishing the skin and repairing the skin's immunity.

The Collagen Firming Mask is great for those wanting to plump their skin and boost skin elasticity.


2. Let Me Skin

The Ultra H20 Modelling Masks are perfect for all DIY lovers. This innovative mask kit comes with a pill shaped case, two solutions and a spatula. After mixing the two solutions in the case, you apply the mixed solution to your face using the spatula, allow it to dry on your skin and then peel off. The unique formula peels right off without leaving any residue behind so you don’t even need to wash off after!

The Green mask has a soothing property so it is recommended to those who have sensitive skin and concerns in Rosacea.

The Pink mask has a brightening property so it is recommended to those wanting to improve their skin tone for a brighter complex.

The Gold mask contains real 24K Gold which is great for firming, brightening, deep hydration and calming in one step.


The Ultra Bubble Bubble O2 Mask by Let Me Skin is another favourite of ours. This unique mask contains an Oxygen Pore Therapy formula which bubbles up after it is applied on the skin. The oxygen in the micro-bubbles gives a massaging effect on the pores, giving it more elasticity. This mask is great for those wanting to moisturise, brighten and smooth out the skin texture.


3. Manyo

The Manyo Factory Wrap masks use gel sheets made of natural seaweed. It adheres perfectly to the skin contours while supplying active ingredients for a longer lasting treatment. The natural seaweed is very gentle for sensitive skin and creates a cooling effect to help soothe sensitive skin.

The Galactomy Essence Wrap Mask is great for tightening large pores, improving skin texture and soothing sensitive skin.

The Bifida Ampoule Wrap Mask contains a powerful anti-ageing formula as it has been clinically tested for 14 anti-aging effects like facial lifting effect, wrinkle reduction, skin elasticity improvement and more.


4. Thank You Farmer

Saacharmoy Brightening Star Mask includes a soft tencel sheet which is softer than cotton and perfectly adheres to all of the curves on the face. It is called a Star mask as it contains 5 key ingredients to create glowing skin, improve elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, brighten and enhance the skin texture.

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