Staff beauty favourites

Previously, we introduced you to some of our new arrivals styled by four of our lovely OLIVIA staff members. This time, we’re back with our staff’s beauty favourites. Working in both beauty and fashion, our staff have extensive knowledge and experience with skincare products. They’re usually the first ones to try out new products to make sure they can recommend it to the right people. Here are some of the skincare products that our staff have been loving at the moment.

Director Tara recommends:
La Muse Sun control stick & Perfume Recovery Body Cream

OLIVIA Blog: Staff beauty favourites

“Although suncare is a daily essential, I’ve been trying to focus more on suncare recently as Summer is approaching quickly. It is important to wear SPF everyday, especially during Summer, as constant exposure to the sun can speed up the ageing process and create blemishes. I have been loving the Sun control stick by Lamuse lately. Unlike other suncare products I’ve used, this product is so light and refreshing. It doesn’t feel sticky or heavy at all and it works really well as a base under makeup as well. The best thing about this product is that it dries invisibly so you can wear it before you apply makeup or on top after. The small size also makes it perfect for carrying around in the handbag so I can easily reapply it during the day. I have also been loving the Perfume Recovery Body Cream by Lamuse. The Floral Musk scent is so lovely and smells so refreshing during this warmer season. My skin has been feeling really dry during the transition from Winter to Spring and this product has been a lifesaver. These two products are my essentials for the Summer.”

Newmarket branch manager Aorist recommends:
Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Serum & True Water Deep Cream

OLIVIA Blog: Staff beauty favourites

“I have really dry skin so I’m on the constant hunt for hydrating skincare products. My recent favourite serum has been the True Water Deep Serum by Thank You Farmer. This product absorbs really fast on the skin so it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy but it provides really long lasting hydration all day. This product has Adenosine so it’s also really great for anti-ageing. I have also been loving the True Water Deep Cream by Thank You Farmer. This product is a nice finish to my skincare routine because it locks in all the moisture and feels really refreshing. Just as it says in the name, it feels like water on the skin but it feels so hydrating which is perfect for my dry skin. After applying these two products, my skin looks so glowing and smooth, even with makeup on top. I recommend these products to anyone who is concerned about their dry skin.”

277 manager Sang Ah recommends:
Let Me Skin Hibiscus vital serum, Hibiscus vital cream & Ultra H2O cleansing toner

OLIVIA Blog: Staff beauty favourites

“I have a really oily T-zone but the rest of my face is dry so it’s been really difficult to find the right products for my skin. After using these three products, I have noticed an improvement in the oil level balance of my skin. I start my routine with the Ultra H2O cleansing toner which provides a dual effect of balancing the pH level in my skin and lightly cleansing the skin texture. Not only is it super convenient, it’s also really effective. I then use the Hibiscus vital serum to provide some nutrients deep into my skin. I then finish off with the Hibiscus vital cream which smells so amazing. After using these products, I’ve noticed a reduction in dead skin cells which has made my skin so smooth. For anyone else with combination skin, I highly recommend these three products.”

Albany manager Jimin recommends:
Ma:nyo - Bifida Biome Ampoule Toner

OLIVIA Blog: Staff beauty favourites

“I am currently using the Bifida Biome Ampoule Toner by Ma:nyo Factory. This toner really helped in hydrating my skin and reducing fine wrinkles. I also got a bonus result of ampoule care which has made my skin look more firm and healthy. I also use this toner as a mask when my skin is feeling extra dry or before makeup when I have an important event or plan. You just need to soak up some cotton pads with the ampoule toner and layer it lightly on your face. This product also comes in a good size so you're getting really good value for the price. If anyone is looking for a good toner, I highly recommend this product.”

Design manager Moah recommends:
La Muse Royal Comfort Essence & Skin Repair Signature Mask

OLIVIA Blog: Staff beauty favourites

“I have been loving the La Muse Royal Comfort Essence lately. This essence feels and smells so luxurious. When I first heard that it contains Black Truffle extract, I wanted to try it out to see if it felt as luxurious as it sounded and it definitely did not disappoint. This essence feels so hydrating from within the skin. After using this product, I have definitely noticed a reduction in fine lines and my skin texture feels stronger and more firm. This is one of the best anti aging products I have ever used. It’s become an essential in my routine. I also love the Skin Repair Signature Mask by La Muse. I use it before I have an important meeting or when I need an extra boost in my skin. It feels so soft and hydrating on my skin without making it feel sticky. I don’t know what I would do without these products!”

Marketing assistant Sharon recommends:
Ma:nyo Factory Galactomy Essence Wrap Mask

OLIVIA Blog: Staff beauty favourites

“This has been my new favourite sheet mask! I'm usually not a fan of sheet masks because the ones I've used previously felt a little bit sticky and oily on my face after using it. My skin is on the oily side so I try to stay away from products that are too hydrating as it feels sticky on my skin. However, this sheet mask is really unique and different. It feels really light and hydrating and it absorbs really well on the skin. I love the gel-like sheet because it feels softer and adheres on my skin better than the usual paper sheet masks. I have been using this mask religiously lately as I have been staying up really late trying to finish my uni assignments and my skin has been really dull and tired. After using it a couple times, I have definitely noticed that my skin looks really bright and glowy. It doesn't even feel sticky after using it which I love! If anyone wants to treat their skin after a long and stressful day, I highly recommend using this sheet mask by Ma:nyo Factory.”

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