Proper way to dry your blooms

Not sure what to do with you priceless bridal bouquet, Graduation flowers or want to commemorate blooms gifted to you on a special date? We are here to help, here are a few ways to dry or preserve the beauty and sentimental value of your blooms.


Air Dry Flowers


Photo from House of lilac

This is one of the most traditional option for saving your flowers, works the best for bouquets and robust flowers such as roses, sunflowers and lavender.


Step 1: Cut the stems to desired length and strip excess foliage from flowers. To retain the colour of the blooms, mane sure to remove them sunlight as soon are they are cut.

Step 2: Hang the flowers individually using strings or ribbons in a dark, dry area with good air circulation.


photo from GardeningKnowHow

Step 3: Leave the blooms for about three weeks.

Step 4: Remover flowers and spray with unscented hairspray for extra protection. (optional)

Dry Flowers with a microwave

photo from Nofarmneeded

We also have a quicker alternative solution to dry your flowers quickly but this requires silica gel, you can find them at the crafting section of your local supplies store. The gel is used to preserve the shape of the flowers, and can be used over and over again.


Step 1: Use a microwave-safe container that will fit your flowers. Do not use a dish you want to use for food again.


Step 2: Fill the bottom of the container with 3-5cm of silica gel. Place your flowers blossom-up and then gently pour more gel on top of the flowers. (make sure the petals don’t get flattened.)


Step 3: Place the uncovered container in the microwave. Start the microwave for 3-5mins.


Step 4: Check the progress after a minute, and then every 30seconds.


Step 5: Remove the gel from the petals with a fine tip brush and spray with acrylic spray for more protection. (optional)


Brightly Colored Pressed Flowers on Paper Towel

photo from hgtv

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