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A new season calls for a new campaign launch. This is one of the busiest yet exciting times of the year. From rough designs to the finished product on the model, it's thrilling to see our creativity come to life. The most exciting part of this process is the campaign photoshoot. Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a fashion campaign shoot? Come behind the scenes with Design Manager Moah as she takes us through her day at the photoshoot for the High Summer campaign launch.

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9am : I arrived to the studio early in the morning and met up with the photoshoot team. We had a brief meeting over some coffee to run down our plan for the day. A coffee break is essential in the morning of a photoshoot as we have a long and busy day ahead of us. We usually work with the same team for the photoshoot so it's so exciting to catch up with them every photoshoot.

9.30am : After our quick meeting, each member of the team began to prepare for the photoshoot. Our model for this campaign, Medhika, got her makeup done by Ellie and her hair done by Shiai. Tara and I discussed the overall concept of the photoshoot by going through our mood board. Our photographer, Wonho, set his gear up and took a few test shots to finalise the background and lighting. Aorist assisted with the photoshoot by preparing the outfits and jewellery for the different looks. As you can see, a lot of preparation goes in before the actual photoshoot begins.

OLIVIA Blog: Photoshoot behind the scene image

10am : Right before the photoshoot began, Tara and Aorist ran through the different looks and the order of outfit changes several times to ensure that the entire photoshoot ran smoothly and efficiently.

10.30am : It's finally time for the photoshoot! We took some indoor shots in the studio. The overall concept of the campaign was modern feminine inspired by a dreamy Summer getaway. We used a minimal ivory background to create a sharp contrast with the bright and colourful pieces in this season's collection. We were all so happy and excited with how the photos were turning out.

12pm: After a few hours of non-stop shooting, it was finally time for a lunch break. For lunch, we had a huge sushi platter from &Sushi. The sushi was not only super aesthetic and beautiful, it also tasted amazing. It was perfect for a quick lunch break.

OLIVIA Blog: Photoshoot behind the scene image

2pm: In the afternoon, we shot at the Parnell Rose Garden. The weather wasn't too promising at first but it turned out to be a beautiful day! The new collection pieces looked stunning with the beautiful flowers in the background. Our model, Medhika, nailed every single shot. Walking with high heels in a garden is not easy but she killed it.

5pm: We wrapped up the photoshoot and packed up our gear. It was a long day but the amazing teamwork created stunning results. Tara and Wonho stayed behind for a little longer to select the final photos for the campaign.

Director : Tara Kim @tarakimxx
Style Assistant : Aorist @aorist_
Model : Medhika Singhal @medhikapriya
Hair Stylist : Shae Ae Park @shiaiii_1oo3.p
Make-up Artist : Ellie Choi @makeupbyelliechoi
Photographer : Wono Kim @wonokimsuper
Coffee : Cafe L'affare Newmarket @laffarenewmarket
Lunch : &Sushi Newmarket @andsushinz
Studio : Kingsize Studios Ponsonby @kingsizestudios

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