Out of office Essentials

Autumn is here and Easter is just around the corner! If you are like us, it is nearly time to mute work chats and send out auto out-of-office emails.

Whether you are heading to your Coromandel beach house or doing a social media detox we have curated a list of essentials you will enjoy.


Always on the go

Packing for the long weekend isn’t always easy, you are going to need some help carrying all your daily essentials, our Joy Leather Shopper bag will sure help. This fictional yet stylish bag is perfect for any occasion.


Don’t forget to SPF

Although it is getting colder but that doesn’t mean no SPF, a tan might last for moments but your skin is with you forever.

Less is always more, our Thank You Farmer Skin Tone up Total Cream is perfect for on-the-go. It is a 3 in 1 product that functions as a primer, tone up cream and sunscreen. This product contains SPF 50+ which will be sure to protect you skin during this long weekend!


If you don’t like getting your hands covered in sunscreen, this is for your: our La Muse Sun Control Stick have been one of our all time favourites. It’s like a SPF Lip Balm but for your face! This product is a balm type formula with SPF 50+ and dries invisibly on the skin and it is the perfect size to take with you anywhere.


Time to detox

Easter is all about spending quality time with your friends and family and really being in the moment. If you are like us, a social media detox might be just what you need. Treat your self with some Harmon Linen Top, Journey Linen pants and La Muse Skin Repair Signature mask pack.



Here we are at the end of March already, let's keep up the positive spirit for a brighter month to come, we hope you all have a wonderful long weekend.


Editor C.

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