Our Story

Olivia is heavily inspired by the fast-forward trends of Korea. It combines the fresh feminine styles of Korea with elements of New Zealand sophistication and effortless-cool. Since the launch of Olivia in 2009, we have branched out into diverse areas of fashion. From luxurious everyday fashion items to cosy and comfy pajamas– our love and passion for fashion has driven us to keep trying new things. Although many things have changed over the years, some things still remain the same. This includes our strong social and environmental values. Olivia proudly supports ethical and sustainable standards throughout our design process in New Zealand and manufacturing process in Korea.


Over the years, we have gained a lot of knowledge and information about fashion and we want to share them with you. This is why we are launching our very own Olivia blog!


Our ultimate goal is to create a creative community for fashion lovers to gain inspiration while inspiring others. Make sure to keep an eye out as we will be sharing loads of interesting and helpful tips and ideas related to fashion, beauty, lifestyle and fitness & health in the upcoming weeks. Join us on our journey to connect and collaborate with other fashion lovers like yourself.

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