Olivia's kitchen #1 - Dalgona Coffee



The Dalgona (달고나) coffee first trended in South Korea after stay-at-home precautions left people feeling bored at home. The name "dalgona" originate from an old fashioned Korean street snack, which has a similar taste to honeycomb toffee. It was first mentioned on a Korean TV program earlier this year.

It is made with 4 simple ingredients :

2Tbsp instant coffee

Sugar or maple syrup

3 Tbsp boiling water

Milk of your choice

You need instant coffee to make dalgona coffee.
Yes, instant coffee is key to this recipe. It won’t work if you use fancy ground coffee. Don’t be a coffee snob!


Make the dalgona coffee cream.
Whisk the coffee, sugar and 3 tbsp boiling water in a bowl for approximately 5 mins until the mixture is thick and fluffy with stiff peaks. This is easiest done using an electric whisk but can be done by hand.


For hot coffee - heat the milk and pour into two heatproof glasses.
For cold coffee - pour the cold milk into two glasses with ice.
Divide the coffee mixture in half andspoon evenly on top of the glasses. Serve and stir thoroughly before drinking.


Tried the recipe?

Share your Dalgona art with us!

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