Luxury body care worth the splurge

Do you have a solid skincare routine in place? I’m sure many of us have some sort of routine we stick to everyday when it comes to our skincare. But what about bodycare? Body care tends to be overlooked in our routine. Our body needs as much love as our face. When we’re so invested in our daily lives, it can be difficult to treat ourselves to a relaxing evening. Everybody needs a pamper session once in a while to wipe away all the stress accumulated in our body. Nourish your body with luxury body care products that are worth the splurge. Here are 3 body care products to indulge in for your next pamper session.

Perfume Recovery Body Cleanser

OLIVIA Blog: Luxury body care worth the splurge

Nourish, moisturise and exfoliate your body at once with the Perfume Recovery Body Cleanser, a dual cleanser which scrubs and washes your body in one step. It contains fine walnut grounds and other natural ingredients to hydrate and bring back vitality in your skin. Apply the cleanser and gently massage all throughout your skin. Rinse off with warm water to reveal baby smooth skin.

Perfume Recovery Body Cream

OLIVIA Blog: Luxury body care worth the splurge

After cleansing your body, finish off with the Body Cream to leave your skin feeling silky and velvety. The Floral Musk fragrance will lift your mood and ensure you feel fresh and classy all season. It contains Macadamia and Argan Oil for long lasting hydration. Simply lather the cream all throughout your body, especially on dry areas that need extra hydration.

Light & Pure Intimate Wash

OLIVIA Blog: Luxury body care worth the splurge

This is a super gentle intimate wash which cleanses, hydrates and soothes the sensitive and intimate area. It contains lactic acid which balances the pH level and keeps the area safe from infection. Apply a few pumps onto your hands and massage it gently onto the skin surrounding your intimate area. Rinse it with warm water.

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