Jewellery Organisation Tips


A girl can never have enough jewellery, right? Buying jewellery is easy. The real challenge is organising them. Who has a ton of jewellery but no idea how to organise them? It can be really easy to lose jewellery when its lying around in random places, especially for small items like earrings and rings. Necklaces are much more challenging to organise as they can easily get tangled and ruined.

At our Olivia stores, we have hundreds of jewellery on display. Over the years we have mastered the art of jewellery organisation and we want to share our secrets with you.

We have 5 tips which will ensure your display looks stunning and clean. Now that we have more time to spend at home, use this as an opportunity to turn your chaotic mess into a beautiful display.


1. Coasters

Coasters are an easy way to instantly upgrade your jewellery collection display. These gorgeous designs with luxurious marble printing can make any jewellery look fancy and high-end. Display your favourite go-to earrings on top or lay your necklaces on top of the coasters.


2. Jewellery hangers

These small hangers are perfect for hanging your earrings. Not only do they look super stunning, they make your jewellery stand out from the rest. We love hangers with unique designs, like this one with an intricate leaf texture.


3. Ring holders

Ring holders are an absolute life-saver when it comes storing and displaying your rings. Not only do they make the rings easy to see, they keep them tightly secured which makes them less prone to discolouration. Just place your favourite rings in between the cushions and you're done!


4. Crystals

Add some bling to your jewellery organisation with these stunning crystals. We are obsessed with clear quartz crystals as they can make any jewellery shine. Organise and display your favourite earrings or rings by placing them on top of the crystal.


5. Dry Flowers

Dry Flowers are the perfect finishing touch to any jewellery collection. Unlike fresh flowers, dry flowers have a natural simplicity which can create beautiful vintage aesthetic. Place dry flowers in a vase and display it next to your jewellery.

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