How to look stylish in a face mask

Here's a quick quiz: what item has quickly become an essential part of our daily lives? The answer is face masks. A few months ago, people were hardly found wearing masks. Nowadays, they can easily be spotted wherever we go. Whether we're walking on the streets, watching the news or even surfing social media, masks can now be seen everywhere. With the rise of COVID-19, masks have become mandatory for the safety of ourselves and others. In order to meet such high demand for masks, many designers all over the world have converted their production facilities to produce masks.

In many asian countries, wearing face masks were a norm even before the spread of Covid-19. Due to this, they have transformed their masks into trendy statement pieces.

Masks can be a fashion item

Here are Vogue Korea's tips on how you can look stylish in a mask. You can save lives and stand out from the crowd.


1. Colour co-ordinate

One of the easiest ways to look put together is by colour-coordinating your outfits. Match your face masks with your outfit by coordinating the colours. If matching your entire outfit just to one colour seems a little daunting we recommend matching the colour of your mask to statement pieces like your outerwear. Otherwise, you can match your mask colour to your accessories like scarfs, jewellery, headbands or scrunchies for a more laid-back effortless look.

2. Bold colours

Experiment with bold colours this season to stand out from the crowd. Bold colours can help add a pop of brilliance to any dull outfit. We recommend vibrant colours like red, green, orange and blue as seen in the Spring/Summer 2020 New York Fashion Week. These colours can help you channel your confidence and create excitement.

3. Unique custom printing

Are you bored plain masks? Express your identity by customising your masks. Customising can help you create any design you want. You can easily customise your masks by using embroidered patches which can be glued, sewed or even ironed on. You can make any design you want so unleash your creativity!

4. Accessorise

For a more effortless style, throw on some bold jewellery to instantly elevate your face mask look. We recommend striking bold pieces like chain necklaces and chunky earrings to grab attention. If you're not into jewellery, experiment with accessories like caps, headbands and scarfs.

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