Goodbye Blackheads

OLIVIA Blog: Goodbye Blackheads

A new season means a new skincare routine. As the weather gets warmer, we need to change up our skincare routine to prepare our skin for the warmer season. One of the most important steps in our routine is cleansing. During winter, a lack of cleansing or even excessive use of skin care products can lead to build up of impurities and dirt deep inside our pores. This can lead to visible blackhead, whiteheads and dead skin cells on the texture of our skin.

Squeezing, tearing or stripping out your blackheads can irritate and damage your skin. In fact, constant irritation in our pores can actually create the illusion of larger and more visible pores. Instead, melt your blackheads away using a gentle oil cleanser. Oil Cleansing is a popular step in Korean skincare. Many skincare experts have recognized the benefits of oil cleansing as oil dissolves oil, making them an ideal cleansing formula.

We recommend the Pure Cleansing Oil by Manyo Factory. This is a gentle cleanser that melts off any impurities with zero irritation.

OLIVIA Blog: Goodbye Blackheads OLIVIA Blog: Goodbye Blackheads

What others say

“I’ve tried most of the popular and frequently recommended oil cleansers but this one is my favorite. “

“This cleansing oil feels wonderful, it’s a little viscous and it definitely has a tea tree scent which is very refreshing and invigorating.”

“Best cleansing oil for removing makeup!”

OLIVIA Blog: Goodbye Blackheads

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