Brand Introduction: THANK YOU FARMER

The wait is finally over. Olivia's skincare line is finally here!

We have partnered with four K-Beauty brands: La Muse, Manyo Factory, Thank You Farmer & Let Me Skin. All of the brands possess different characteristics which suit different skin-types. So, what brands are suitable for your skin? Our large collection of products can seem daunting at first but we're here to break it down for you. Let's start off with Thank You Farmer.


Thank You Farmer (HYDRATION)

Thank You Farmer is a brand that reflects the values of an honest farmer by aiming to create healthy skin through natural and botanical products. They aim to lower the burden on the skin by creating healthy skin slowly and naturally through long lasting results rather than creating an instant effect. The key ingredients in their True Water Deep line is Inositol and Hyaluronic Acid, highly effective natural extracts which creates deep hydration and long lasting moisture.

This brand is perfect for those who experience rough flaky makeup due to dehydrated skin. The products have quick absorbing qualities so there is no sticky residue left on the surface and it does not feel oily.


Key Products

  • True Water Deep Toner helps achieve an optimal moisture balance in the skin so that the skin isn’t too dry or too oily.
  • True Water Deep Serum is a highly concentrated serum that restores hydration and smooths out fine lines and an uneven skin texture.
  • True Water Deep Cream includes a 3D water holding system which creates a strong moisture barrier and a transparent glow.


Stay tuned for more brands!

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