5 Fashion trends for Spring / Summer 2020

The weather has been getting warmer so you know what that means. It's time to start transitioning our wardrobe for the warmer seasons. The sun is out so it's time to whip out our summer outfits.

Putting on a nice outfit might be the last thing we want to do in our current circumstances. With the majority of the world going into lockdown, we don't know if this current situation is going to get better by the time we hit Summer. But, that doesn't mean we can start preparing. While we may lack the motivation to put on nice clothes, we want to inspire and motivate you to get ready for the warmer seasons. Even if you're only heading outside once in a while just to get groceries or to walk your pet, make sure to do it in style. So, rock out of those track suits and pyjamas and experiment with your style. Explore 5 Fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2020. We hope you can find more joy in putting outfits together and experimenting with the latest trends.

* Adapted from A Fashion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okd4OaW16Yo

OLIIVA Blog: 5 Fashion trends for Spring / Summer 2020

1. Flared pants

The sun is out and flared pants are in. Ditch those tight pants and opt for flared pants instead. Not only are they super stylish, they will also ensure you stay comfortable and cool during the heat. Try going for bold prints on top and neutral coloured pants to balance the look.

OLIIVA Blog: 5 Fashion trends for Spring / Summer 2020

2. Vests

Vests are an easy way to throw on a layer without overheating in the sun. They are perfect for those cool summer nights outside. Throw on a fitted vest on top of a light, flowing summer dress. Finish of the look with some chunky platform heels and you're ready to go.

OLIIVA Blog: 5 Fashion trends for Spring / Summer 2020

3. Workwear Inspired

Workwear but make it fashion. This season, we have seen heavy influence from workwear on the runway. These consist of baggy overalls with cuffed sleeves and pants. Workwear definitely has a rough masculine element to it but you can soften the look by opting for pastel coloured overalls. Throw on some heels and chunky jewellery to tie the look together.

OLIIVA Blog: 5 Fashion trends for Spring / Summer 2020

4. Body Hugging Leather

Who said leather was only for the colder season? Experiment with leather this season, as seen on the runaway. Sure, leather can be hard to keep cool in during the heat but there are some ways you can rock leather in the warmer seasons. Instead of leather pants which can trap heat in your legs, try mid length leather skirts to allow some air. Pair it with a t-shirt or camisole on top to ensure you stay cool on top.

OLIIVA Blog: 5 Fashion trends for Spring / Summer 2020

5. Retro Prints

This year, we have seen a huge revival of styles from the 70s and 80s. One of them are bold retro prints. Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons to express your confidence and personality. Jump on the trend and add some funky prints to your wardrobe for the upcoming seasons. We recommend a bright retro printed dress paired with a bright lipstick.

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