4 Fictional Fashion Icons

Movies and TV shows have continuously supplied us with fashion inspiration throughout the years. Other than the thrilling storylines and incredible acting, fashion is often another aspect that allures fans. Fashion in movies play an important role as it defines personalities which is essential for establishing the character. It also establishes the background of the film as it reflects the trendiest fashion during the time and place that the film was set it. An iconic wardrobe truly makes the film more memorable and visually enjoyable. The stylish outfits of the stars have inspired the way we dress today. Here are our four of our favourite fashion icons on the small and big screen.


1. Andy Sachs– The Devil wears Prada

Andy redefined fashion transformations in films. From a basic style lacking taste and trend, she reinvented her style to Chanel chic as she started her career as a fashion editor assistant. Her transformation truly amazed the audience while inspiring career women to upgrade their office look. She perfectly resembled a modern career woman with formal yet elegant pieces. From tweed hats to fitted tweed blazers, most of her iconic looks incorporated the classic Chanel tweed. What truly made her outfits stand out were her choice of accessories. She was always seen wearing chic shoulder bags, baker boy caps and layered necklaces which instantly glammed up her office looks.


2. Rachel Green– Friends

Is your style more casual and comfy? Then you definitely want to check out Rachel's wardrobe from the hit television series, Friends. Like Andy, Rachel was also a career woman working in the office. Her career at Ralph Lauren produced some super chic and edgy office looks. However, her style outside of work is what truly grabbed the attention of viewers. Rachel's personal style leans more towards casual chic. She was frequently seen pairing minimal basics with trendy statement pieces like graphic tees, baggy jeans, leopard prints and bright faux fur coats. Her wardrobe reflects the coolest trends from the 90's, making us all wish that we could relive this period.


3. Blair Waldorf– Gossip Girl

Blair is the definition of high teen fashion. This relatively new fashion style originates from chick flicks from the 90s to early 2000s. Coming from a wealthy family, Blair's style is preppy, classic and feminine, typical of a rich teenager living in New York. Although she was mostly seen in an expensive private school uniform, her most memorable looks were from outside school hours when she was attending parties, shopping or scheming another genius plan against the other characters. Her looks mainly consist of preppy and feminine elements like dresses, fitted blazers and a lot of ruffles. The polished school girl look was further strengthened with accessories like headbands, scarves and small handbags.


4. Moon-young Ko– It's okay not to be okay

As a bestselling children's book writer in the Korean Netflix series, It's okay not to be okay, Moon-young was always confident, self-assured and sometimes even a little bit sassy. She took the runway straight to her wardrobe as she was always seen confidently strutting in bold eye catching pieces. Her everyday style mainly consists of bold high fashion items with structured silhouettes like oversized puff shoulders and big ruffle accents. Her main forms of accessories were bold earrings, corsets and large sunglasses which emphasised her strong-willed personality.


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