2020 Holiday Party Looks

Can you believe Christmas is around the corner? What a whirlwind this year has been. From a national wide lockdown which separated us from our loved ones to other smaller yet impactful events, we have been through a lot in this year alone. While we did go through some darker times due to the pandemic, we were also able to recover from it as a country. It is still perfectly unclear whether we will still be able to gather and celebrate with our loved ones but it doesn’t hurt to stay prepared right? With only one month left until Christmas, now is the perfect time to finalise your looks for the holiday season. Treat yourself to a new outfit for the upcoming celebrations for making it through this crazy year. Here are some ideas to help you choose the perfect outfits for any Christmas and New Years party. Whether you’re going full glam or keeping it casual, we have something for everyone.

Sophisticated glam

This look is perfect for those glamorous evening parties that are social media-worthy. Keep it sophisticated and classy by throwing on a simple yet modern dress with trendy elements. We’re talking about ruffles, puff sleeves and slip dresses that can glam up any look. Even though we are blessed with Summer holiday celebrations, it can get pretty chilly during the evenings. Stick to the sophisticated glam theme by throwing on a classic trench coat with a modern-chic silhouette. Finish off this look with bold gold jewellery as statement pieces to instantly elevate any simple outfit.

OLIVIA Blog: 2020 Holiday Party Looks

Office Party

Do you have a party at the office coming up? Then this look is for you. Even if it’s a party, you still want to keep it appropriate for the office. Keep it professional yet stylish with matching tailored suit sets that radiate girl boss energy. Not only are these matching sets super chic and sophisticated, they are also easy to put together with minimal effort since the hard work of putting together an outfit has already been done for you. Another way to dress for an office party is through smart dress pants with a trendy long wide cut. Keep it simple on top by pairing the pants with a fitted top. An easy way to glam up this look while keeping it appropriate for the office is by pairing it with bold and chunky jewellery. We recommend chunky chain earrings and necklaces.

OLIVIA Blog: 2020 Holiday Party Looks

Soft & Romantic

This soft and romantic style is perfect for those casual day time parties with your friends and family. Embrace your feminine side by dressing in romantic dresses with delicate frills, embroidered collars and ruffles. With every step you take, the gorgeous frills and ruffles will add grace and elegance to your movement. You can either go all out with eye-catching prints like bold florals and classic checks or keep it minimal by sticking to a soft colour palette like beige, cream and baby pink. Finish off with delicate accessories with pearl accents to tie the romantic look together.

OLIVIA Blog: 2020 Holiday Party Looks

Casual Chic

Do you have a casual party or a barbeque with your friends and family coming up? Then this casual-chic look is for you. The essence of this look is keeping comfy and cute without looking like you just rolled out of bed. An easy way to achieve this is by wearing matching loungewear sets which can make you look put together instantly. Loungewear sets are a versatile piece that can be worn all year round. Add a modern flair with loungewear sets that feature trendy elements like ruffles, big collars and flared cuts. If you want to lessen the comfy-casual element and look more put together and cute, match a sweatshirt with straight cut jeans. Keep it simple with minimal pendants and small huggie earrings.

OLIVIA Blog: 2020 Holiday Party Looks

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