2020 Christmas Gift guide

Colourfully decorated trees, catchy carols and frantic shoppers. That can only mean one thing...Christmas is here! While it’s one of the happiest times of the year, it is also one of the most difficult times of the year as well. Although we may know the person really well, getting gifts is a completely different story. With Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to finalise your gifts for your loved ones. Are you struggling to find the best gift for her? Let us help you. OLIVIA is a one-stop shop for the best gifts for her during the holiday season. We have curated a gift guide with the best selection of gifts to make your Christmas shopping less stressful and more personal and thoughtful. Stick to our guide to put the biggest smile on the beloved women in your life.

Cosy gifts for the homebody

Do you know a homebody in your life? A homebody loves being in the comfort of their home. They typically find interesting and relaxing activities to do at home to stay entertained. As they spend most of their time at home, comfort is their number one priority. Satisfy their need for comfort with matching loungewear sets. Not only are they super comfortable, they are also an easy way to look cute with minimal effort. Keep to the cute and cosy theme with small minimal jewellery as they stay out of the way when you’re doing other activities while looking super cute. We highly recommend minimal huggie earrings, thin bracelets, simple pendant necklaces and small rings. Another great gift idea for the homebody is sheet masks. This can help them create a spa-quality facial pamper day at home with luxurious K-beauty products that are worth the hype. Not only does this give them an interesting activity to do at home, it can also nourish and boost their skin with vital nutrients.

Glamorous gifts for the socialite

What glamorous gifts can you get for the socialite? Socialites love going to fashionable social events and parties so elegant-chic dresses are a must. Gift them a stylish dress for their next social event. We recommend sophisticated and classy dresses with modern elements like ruffles, puff sleeves and thin straps that can glam up any look. Another way to glam up any minimal look without an extravagant outfit is through striking jewellery pieces that can instantly grab attention wherever you go. We recommend sparkly jewellery that can capture light and intensify the dazzle. Go big and bold with eye-catching earrings and chunky chain necklaces. Another gift idea for socialites are skincare products with a brightening formula. This will help them prepare for their big night by creating a bright and glowing skin that can look flawless under strong lighting and in photos. We recommend the Galactomy line by Manyo Factory as it contains niacinamide and Galactomyces which are highly effective in improving the texture and the tone of the skin.

Luxurious gifts for the girl boss

Do you know a girlboss in your life? A productive girlboss is always hustling and working towards achieving her dreams. Whether she is an entrepreneur or a hardworking lady in general, girl bosses are ambitious and dedicated. For girl bosses, we recommend luxurious suit sets that are office friendly and super stylish. Keep it trendy and smart with coordinated pieces that can instantly make you look put together. Matching pieces are easy to put together with minimal effort which perfectly suits the busy lifestyle of girl bosses. Match it with trendy jewellery with modern elements to radiate sophistication. We recommend bold jewellery with intricate detailing to glam up any office look. Bold jewellery pieces are a great way to take any look from the day to the night. Bags are another great accessory for girl bosses. They are not only super stylish but also practical and roomy. Another great gift idea for girl bosses are luxurious skincare sets. We strongly recommend the luxury Royal Comfort skincare set by La Muse. La muse is a high-end brand that is dedicated to using the finest and richest ingredients for a high performing anti-ageing formula.

Budget friendly gifts under $50

Money is definitely not the only way to express your love for someone. However, shopping for gifts can be difficult when you are on a tight budget. Don’t let a small budget restrict you from getting an awesome gift for your loved ones. Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean that the quality should be cheap too. Here is a collection of impressive gift ideas that won’t break your bank account. An inexpensive yet fail proof gift is jewellery. A girl can never have too much jewellery. Gift them a stunning jewellery item to add to their collection. At OLIVIA, we have a large collection of inexpensive jewellery under $50. Find out what their style is and browse our collection to find the perfect item. Whether they like bold and glamorous jewellery or more simple and dainty jewellery, we have something for everyone. Another great inexpensive gift is beauty products. Highly effective and innovative beauty products don’t have to be expensive. We have a range of different cleansers, sheet masks and creams for under $50 that are as effective as luxury skincare products.

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